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Macleanie PAFC

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PostSubject: EVERYONE PLEASE READ!!!   EVERYONE PLEASE READ!!! EmptyThu Apr 16, 2009 5:50 pm

OK LADS, WE'RE UNDERWAY Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy cheers cheers bounce bounce Laughing

the fixtures are up on the main site, and on that page you will find the instructions on which games you can play, and when you should play them by. please post your results in the correct group too. makes the admins job easier.

All squad lists (team sheets) are now final. If you did not customise your list then the default squad that has been posted up by admin is the one you have to use.

Dont forget to watch out regularly for injuries..will be on forum and/or on the NEWS page of the main site. Should you need to call-up a reserve player because its a long term injury, post the player you wish to call up from your reserves in your team sheet.

if you have any problems at all please come to admin, or even ask another guys should know how all this goes by now. all easy peasy, help eachother out, and play nicely Wink..all the members we have are top notch and even though a few dont know eachother, i can garentee you'll get along great.

Anyone who is caught using a player that is suspended/injured will be given a warning before being sacked. Whatever the admins decision, this will stand...but like we said, we know everyone, great guys and we trust everyone not to make these mistakes.

So lets make this work...and good luck!!!

FIFA Cup of Nations

P.S customise your team sheet if you wish..add captains, colours, whatever..its up to you. Plus the general chat area is for you too use. Keep it clean, but that areas for your 'general' use. Have a ball.
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