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Macleanie PAFC
Macleanie PAFC

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PostSubject: IN LOVING MEMORY OF   Mon Apr 13, 2009 5:18 pm

Right as some of you know we were part of a team who owned another website for 1v1 style prem fifa.

Now we have moved on to something new..this..and we have brought along a few of our old, and very loyal members.

No we know these guys are missing out on a football managing club 1v1 transfer included fifa we are using this as an opportunity to advertise for

We have already guided most of our players towards this brilliant site, that me and jay our also members of..

A lot of the people on this site are already members of so you should get on with them fine, and they are available to help you out with anything about it as me and jay are fine with you discussing fifa360 on this forum...after all its fun for everyone.

So R.I.P

that site again was:

Contact: Keeno 1984 or Bosic84 for anymore details on that
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PostSubject: Re: IN LOVING MEMORY OF   Thu Apr 16, 2009 6:40 am

Nice1 guys cheers, Impressed with the site looks really good cheers

Hope yous eventually get a full World Cup Format on the go

bounce Com'on the Spaniards bounce
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