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 If all goes well...

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If all goes well... Empty
PostSubject: If all goes well...   If all goes well... EmptyMon Apr 13, 2009 4:57 pm

Now we know there is only 20 people participating in this but we are hoping that if all goes well we can introduce a qualifying campaign before next seasons kick-off.

This will not only add more players but introduce new teams such as switzerland, czech republic and Uruguay etc. (Oh the excitement)

This could mean a 32 man cup of nations next time round. So even more world cup style.

Plus we have taken into consideration the fact that people will get bored of having one person with the best team winning everything so we will mix things up again next season.

Any ideas are welcome as this is designed for you too enjoy...

Oh and regular questions asked are why is there no Netherlands..truth is despite their 4 and half rating they are not liscenced so have been left out.

Come on lads, lets make this work so we can include the likes of Hungary and Paraguay next season!
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If all goes well...
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